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Web development and Web design

The website is an integral part of the business of SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) as well as large enterprises. One of DrowDigital’s many services is Custom Web And Website Developement. Let us get to know about some of the concepts related to Custom Web Development company and services. Every website on the internet uses HTML and CSS, and most also use Java Script. In a website, HTML is the structure, CSS is the style and Java Script is the functionality.  While HTML is a hypertext markup language used to format/structure a web page, CSS is a design language that you use to make your web page look nice and presentable. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and you use it to improve the appearance of a web page. JavaScript is used to control the behavior of different elements. The developers of DrowDigital can build a website with any language including HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, or Python according to the client’s needs.

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There are three components in Web Development Services- Frontend Development, Backend Development, and Database Development. In a descriptive form, they are

  1. Frontend– It is the client-side coding of a website. The animations we see when we click or hover over a page, texts, and all the things which are visible to us when we open a website come under the frontend coding.
  2. Backend– It is the server-side coding of a website. Majorly developers write APIs there. Unlike front-end developers, who control everything we see on a website, back-end developers are involved in data storage, security, and other server-side functions that we cannot see.
  3. Database– The information of the title, description, timing, and other constituents of data is stored in the databas
Types of web Development

Types of web Development Services we Offer

Full-stack development
DrowDigital has recruited full-stack web developers who can work well with both client and server sides, or separately back-end and front-end developers. Such programmers master the latest front-end languages (e.g. React.JS or Angular) and back-end technologies (e.g. Ruby on Rails or .NET). 
E-commerce development
This kind of website needs to be user-friendly as well as comprehensible. DrowDigital developers generate a perfect e-commerce website as there is an increased demand for internet purchasing. Therefore, e-commerce web development is also offered separately.
Portfolio Creation
After the covid, most businesses have shifted to online or hybrid mode. The recruitment processes are also happening through the internet. Most of the documents are kept as soft copies. It is durable, accessible, and efficient. If you are looking for someone who can present your past experiences in a portfolio, DrowDigital is just that agency for you.
Corporate Websites
Corporate websites are not meant to sell products. The websites are meant to teach the seekers about their business. It is important to put forward the assets to gain the trust of the consumers. Approaching a website is an individual process that anyone can access privately. To get the potential client to get in touch with you, DrowDigital creates a desirable website for corporate businesses.
Customized Web Development
It's difficult to tell the difference between web and web apps. The latter category includes any web-based applications that encourage more user participation, typically Google Apps, Facebook, or Netflix. DrowDigital uses well-known technologies like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python & Go while developing the back-end and front-end of your website.
CMS website development
You may easily own a website on typical platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal with the help of the DrowDigital development team. We have a good visual design, that is SEO-friendly or has additional plugins. Additionally, it enables numerous users to create, edit, and publish material to manage data.
Video Streaming
If you want to start a video streaming website, you can lean on our service. We provide a non-lagging website for a great streaming experience.

Why Website Development is Crucial for Your Online Presence

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Website development plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining that presence. A well-designed website not only enhances your credibility and professionalism, but also provides an effective platform for you to showcase your products, services, or personal brand to a wider audience. With the right strategies and techniques, website development can help you establish a strong online identity, connect with your target market, and ultimately drive more traffic and conversions to your website. So if you want to stay ahead of the competition and make a lasting impression in the online world, investing in website development is a must.

How Do We Provide Web Development Services?

Get high-end web products with smart planning, research, and execution from DrowDigital's excellent rich web development services.
We turn ideas into reality and offer rich website creation for your corporate items, along with improved security.
We strive to build websites that are profitable, professional, and cheaper for our clients.
Our expertise in website creation gives us a sense of assurance. We try to exceed your expectations, and we make that commitment to you. We always work to serve our customers.
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Why is a good Website really important?

A good and functional website can help your business in various ways

  • It can generate more leads for you
  • It can make your business popular
  • You can offer your services on the global market
  • Ultimately a good, user-friendly website can help you generate more revenue
  • It can give a modernist feel to your business

Offering you the finest services

DrowDigital is dedicated to delivering the best website to its clients.

The website furnished by DrowDigital will be:-

  • Fully Functional website
  • Creatively Designed website
  • Perfectly Responsive website
  • Secured Website
  • User-friendly site
  • Supportive to High traffic

With DrowDigital web development services one can get a commendable website that can help the client’s business to thrive on the internet with an exceptionally remarkable experience for the user.

Possibility to grow your business by building a user-friendly and innovative website for your customers.


Past Client's Experiences

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How our team build a website

1. The Design
firstly our team members will design the UI of the website according to the customer's demand and if the client approves it then we head to the next step.
2. The Code
now after the design work then the team of our developers or say coders come into action to generate the code.
3. Testing
now after the coding part here comes the testing, in testing, we check everything like the responsiveness of the website, user experience, traffic handling ability
4. Delivery
the next part is to deliver the final product to the client and take a review about it. If the client wants some changes then we enhance the website and again deliver it to the client.

In the competitive market of web development services where everyone is trying to just make money out of the client, DrowDigital is the only agency that makes an effort to establish the best experience for the client by serving its unsurpassable services.

The website furnished by DrowDigital will be

You have only a brief window of time to capture users’ interest and gain a competitive edge. It’s essential to make sure that your website offers a fantastic user experience if you don’t want potential customers to leave, visit your competitor’s sites, and boost their sales.

  • SEO friendly– SEO helps your website to rank higher in search results. We build SEO-friendly content for your website.
  • Great UI/UX– We design a website with a good UI which later results in good UX as well.
  • Accessible Design– Any screen size or platform can help you access our device. They are friendly with all kinds of designs.
  • Clean Coding– The codings are kept clean, optimal, and crisp as per the standard of the enterprise.
  • Fully functional website– The website does not lag and becomes unresponsive. The hovering responds to the clicks of the users.
  • Creatively designed website– The websites are created with a design favorable for our clients. They grab the attention and also stick to the main themes which speak to the content.
  • Secured website– No virus or unwanted agent can enter the user’s computer. The websites do not lead to external sites and harm the computer.
  • Supportive to high traffic– Trafficking is inevitable and unpredictable at the same time. If the website is opened and getting used by different devices, the design and coding is built in a way that supports the traffic.

Note by DrowDigital- 

The developers of DrowDigital work efficiently both as the Frontend and Backend developers. They are proficient in the database management of a website. They work excellently to create a website by creating user-friendly business websites and dynamic web applications. Our agency has a team of skilled web developers and practiced digital marketing specialists. They use tried-and-true marketing techniques and the latest technology to reach customer expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer really depends on the project you’re working on, but in general, Python and JavaScript are two of the most popular and powerful web development languages. Python is great for back-end web development, while JavaScript is best suited for creating interactive front-end experiences that run in the browser.

The best web development framework will ultimately depend on your individual needs and preferences. Popular frameworks include React, Node, Angular, Vue.js, and Django. Each of these has different features and capabilities depending on the type of site or application you’re building. Choosing a framework should be based on your own project requirements and analysis of which one will work best for you.

While web development and web design are often used interchangeably, they are two very different disciplines. Web design involves creating aesthetically pleasing user interfaces. This typically includes things like typography, color, graphics and layout. On the other hand, web development focuses on creating websites that are functional and perform as expected. It can also include server-side coding languages like PHP and databases like MySQL.

Web development is an ever-growing field that offers abundant opportunities for professional and personal advancement. With the right skills and experience, web developers can enjoy a highly satisfying and lucrative career that allows them to work from virtually any location and make their own hours. The career still offers plenty of room for growth, as technology constantly evolves and new solutions are in high demand. Learning web development could lead to job stability, financial success, personal freedom, a great work/life balance, and excellent creative satisfaction.

Web development services are important for businesses as they enable an organization to maximize their reach and make a lasting impression with potential customers. In other words, web development is key to giving your business a competitive edge and ensure its success in the long-term. Whether it be ensuring that your website is optimized for performance or creating interactive experiences, web development can help you reach more customers and promote your brand effectively.

DrowDigital expertise in the field of

Web development and Web designing.

So this is all the process of how DrowDigital build a website and provides the best services.

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