How to Submit Google Webmaster Tools | Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the best tools for performance and webmaster tools SEO yes Guys it also helps in SEO So, today I am going to tell about the comprehensive guide to webmaster tools for google and easy to apply all that things that help you lot in new blogging journey

Do you know about What is the Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console

In simple language, Google Webmaster Tool is a free platform of SEO from which you can take knowledge about your website. In terms of click, impression, issues, improvement, etc a lot more.
Google Webmaster Tool helps to communicate with Google to solve an issue, also helps your pages index and crawl in Google and helps in many different ways.

Why it is Important To New Blogger or Every Blogger

Let us know the most important point why it is important
And because it is very important for every blogger
With this, your website will not be able to index the Google search engine quickly, which will lead to your organic traffic down or may not be found.

The only reason for this is that there are millions and millions of websites inside Google, so it cannot crawl all new websites, so you can communicate through it

And along with this, search-related issue also solves

what is the my mistakes when I did the webmaster tool

  • Sitemap Submission
  • no position
  • Crawl Rate
  • Not crawl my pages
  • 404 error website links
  • performances analysis

What is the Most Benefit Of Google Webmaster Tool

  • All performance about to visitor statistics from google
  • Data regarding incoming links and internal links
  • Give alert if your site has any errors
  • Crawling and indexing activity on the website
  • Future working keyword by impression.

In 5 Steps Guide,We Easily Setup Google Webmaster Tool

Follow the steps or videos below. Which you can easily connect your blog, WordPress website or blogger with Google Search Console.

How To Use Google Search Console

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools
Follow This Video Step (This Video Make Only Demo Purpose)

Step-1 Open Search Console and Sign in

First of all, you have to go to Google and search “Google Webmaster Tools”, then click on the first link and then you will see the Search Console written

Then you will have that 2 section show

Step-2 Select Domain Property Type


  • All URLs across all subdomains
  • All URLs across HTTPS or HTTP
  • Requires DNS verification

You should do this only when your own website has paid plan hosting and there you created other subdomains from your site. So it will directly connect to your domain will make one of those add-ons

URL prefix

  • Only URLs under the entered address
  • Only URLs under specified protocol
  • Allows multiple verification methods

You should use it only when you have to add only one website or free website containing words, then only use it

Step-3 Select Verification Option

You will have to show for verification that Google Html file, Html tag, Google Analytics and DNS

But only select 2nd option for verification, that will be the HTML tag which contains the meta tag option, then you have to copy it then add it to your website.

Step-4 Insert Code Header Section

You have to go to your website and download the plugin if you do it in WordPress (insert header and footer) After installing it, give you the meta tag that you copied and put it in the header section. Same as you copy from in Google webmaster tool website Then save and publish option comes, please do it too.

Step-5 Click On the Verify Button

Then you had to go to the same Google Webmaster Tools website and go to the 2nd option and click on the Verify button below. Then your ownership verification will be written and after 1-2 days, It will start showing all that data.

It will work also for any website

come to the dashboard and click edit HTML code.

Dashboard -> Template-> Edit HTML

Now, search for the code in the HTML code by Ctrl+F. In below image, you can see them in top only. Now, just paste the Meta tag below. Once you paste the Meta tag, click save.

Different method to set up Gooogle webmaster Tool

Just log in to your blog

Come to the dashboard.

Go editor (header section)

Now, search for the code in the HTML code by Ctrl+F.

now, paste the Meta tag below section, not the upper one. paste between ______and section

click save or published (successfully updated).

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