Create your Google XML sitemap for your Blog

What are sitemaps?

XML sitemap In which Google crawls your individual pages, posts, images with the help of robots And which you have updated on your website, Google will crawl it and will also index your updated file.

If you want to create google sitemap for blog then follow these methods but it should know something basic first. Sitemap is a native file that creates a relationship between you and the Google search engine.

And this is the best way to search indexing fast on Google. here’s

Official Google Webmaster Video

Why XML sitemap generator essential for blogger?

  • It essential for Google to find your website pages
  • Improve your SEO
  • No downside of having an XML Sitemap
  • Google ranks

Are sitemap still useful in seo?

Of course XML sitemap indexes pages quickly on search engines, so ranking is enhanced on our search engine.

And Google checks your website to see how much valuable content you are working on

What is the difference between HTML and XML sitemaps?

An XML sitemap is important for SEO but HTML sitemap just Provides a better navigation factor for visitors. the main one is your XML sitemap, you can skip any other sitemap.

Because your site data (pages, posts), the site map is easily accessible to Google.

5 best tools for a sitemap?

  • Slickplan
  • Write Maps.
  • PowerMapper.
  • Mindnode.
  • Screaming Frog.
  • Sitemap Writer Pro.

How I create an XML sitemap with manually? (step to step)

  1. METHOD 1(for WordPress)
  2. Yoast SEO plugin install and activate
  3. and go to setting
  4. then go XML sitemap
  5. and on notification
  6. finished
  1. METHOD 2
  2. pick above sitemap tool
  3. add your domain name
  4. other processes
  5. finished
  1. METHOD 3
  2. type in google”webmaster tool”
  3. then add your website
  4. go left side dashboard section
  5. click sitemap option
  6. submit your sitemap URL
  7. finished

Sitemap approved but not indexed?

As you know that a very small website runs inside Google, then you have to wait a little bit, then after a few days your website will definitely be indexed.

and other cases your website is new and doesn’t have any inbound links. First, of all, create an account on Google search console/Google Webmaster tool.

After you register,submit your sitemap URL and also you can request/tell them to re-crawl your website URLs

How do I add a page to my XML sitemap?

You just have to set the sitemap by selecting the above method

And Google Search Console(webmaster tool) allows you to remove URLs and additional pages that are related to your site.

Easy way to find a sitemap for a website?

  • A fast and easy way to find sitemap is SEO Site Checkup’s sitemap tool
  • Secondly, you also go for creating a Free account at Spotibo,
  • Search on Google for search term “ filetype: XML”
  • if you did by Yoast plugin then type directly
  • other cases type directly “” or “”

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