20 Business Ideas In India After Lockdown (Starting In Less Money)

As the covid 19 affect the world’s economy adversely many of the industries got shut. Some of the business which may be can’t work again in proper way. The economic condition of people will crash down and people have to suffer huge loss of money. After that some the business can emerge after the lockdown with very good chances to flourish and these 20 Business Ideas In India After Lockdown can be started with very low capital. So here are they-

Shoe laces

There is a huge manufacturing of shoe in India. In fact, we are the 2nd largest shoe producer of the world. But you know what shoe producing companies never produces laces. So this can be availed as an opportunity and the set can be started in very less capital investment. These are made by weaving a band and fastening the aglet and there is also a requirement of lace braiding machine which is available in very low cost. So this business can be started in less than 20,000.

Ice cream cones

As ice cream becomes one of the most famous deserts of the world. the demand of ice-cream never goes. Many people love it even in winter. So this can be good option to make a start up in low budget. It can also be started within Rs. 20,000-25,000.

Ear buds

This can also be a good business to started in low capital investment. It doesn’t require much area to produce. It require a plastic stick some cotton and a cotton budding machine to make it, It can also be started within Rs. 20,000.


Yes, one of the most famous food item or even snack is papad. It always has a huge demand from cities to villages. This doesn’t require any machine it can be started even by the family members and can be helpful in making good money. This field is quite competitive but can be helpful if some new ideas or flavor can be introduced Business Ideas In India After Lockdown.


This is another most demanding and running food item. It requires a semi automatic or even fully automatic both types of machines are available. The semi automatic machines can be brought in less than Rs. 40,000. The manufacturing of the noodles is very simple and require, raw materials such as maida, salt, sugar and some more.

illustrations business idea growth - business ideas in India
illustrations business idea growth – business ideas in India Image Source Pixabay


The business can be started in a room and the chance of its flourish is unbelievable because it is used in all over world and in any type of dress. As India has a huge textile industry and great market because of high population. This start up might be a good move towards money making.

Designer laces

As discussed that India has great textile industry and really huge market. People always love to dress proper with good designer dress. So this can be quite helpful. In this there is no need of any great machine just requirement of skilled labour and can be made with hands or sometimes using the simple machine.

Handmade chocolate

This can be very helpful start up because the demand of chocolate never goes down it can be started with simple machines and with the help of some simple skilled labor. However, if you need to increase the production then there will be requirement of some big machines which may cost you 3-4 lakhs.

Files and the envelopes

This can also started with very less capital investment. There will be requirement of printing machine to make design on the envelopes. You can make simple envelopes and files so that you first learn about the market then try to invest more to make in more sufficient. The envelope machine can be little costlier it may be around 1-2 lakhs.

Paper bags

As the government try to cut the use of plastic bags. The paper bags can be the good replacement. In maximum dress store or even some of the malls also started giving plastic bags. So, this could be a good business. The semi automatic machines can be brought under 2 lakhs for this business. best Business Ideas In India After Lockdown.

Mobile recharge and photocopy shop

This is also a business which can’t fall ever. Photocopy is requirement of everyone from rich to poor. This include a machine which is not much costlier and recharges can be done only with the help of mobile and some money. This is very competitive field but you have to choose location for this set up.

Thermocol plates

This is a cottage industry which can be started with very low investment. Unskilled labor can also do this and totally free from huge investment. If the business flourishes then you may add more money to increase the production.

Leaves plates

if you are living in village areas or in jungle areas then this is a suitable business. You should be able to rich the market. A good transportation system might be helpful for you. Labor requirement is unskilled or minimum skilled.

Water purifying plants

This is one of the most rising business. It requires a area of approx 10-20 yards. A boring is required and a purifying machine. The investment requires is little more than other up 2-4 lakhs. Every family doesn’t have purifying machine in their home so it can flourish in any area.

Handmade candles

This can give you better profit then other business. It has huge market and labor requirement is less skilled. Many designer and simple candles can be produced which attracts the people. Attraction of people towards it can help to get good price in low investment. So the profit will be quite high.

Pickles cottage industry

Pickles are one of the best supporting food. As India has great lover of spices and taste so this business can show a good improvement. It has a lot of variety. Many types of pickles can be made of many different ingredients. The raw materials used in this are easily available and at low prices. If you make a good progress than it might help you to export.

Incense sticks

This is one of the famous industry of village areas and has great market. Since incense sticks are used by every section of the world so it may give you good market. The demand of this can never decreases so it will keep flourishing if you have good communication skill in market.

Jute bags industry

This is also a cottage industry. It can be started in a single room or even in big halls. If the area has good production of jute then you may directly contact to the farmers to get the raw material at very low cost. Transportation requirement is necessary. It can be a good replacement of plastic bags.

Pins used in staplers

AS we know it has a great use in schools, colleges, industry or everywhere where the paper work is done. So this business is quite fruitful. It doesn’t require much labor. One time investment up 4 lakhs to buy the machine. This is never decreasing business and can be easily avail.

Soap or organic soap

As the people starts moving towards the organic era. The name might be able to attract the customer. The raw material requirement can be easily avail in any town. The set up requires a semi automatic machine which can be brought about 1-2 lakhs. The labor requirement is both skilled and unskilled.

So these are some of the starts up which doesn’t need huge investment and can be helpful in reaching the top of money making in low budget. The investment requirement is not under 20,000 for every set up but can be avail in low budget. I hope this will be beneficial for you. If you have any suggestion regarding 20 Business Ideas In India After Lockdown, then please mention in the comment box.

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